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Upcoming Meetings

The Boone County Resource Council, BCRC, was established in 1992 by concerned citizens of Boone County.  The mission of the Boone County Resource Council is to provide a forum for learning and sharing about resources available that can enhance the health, recreational, and social service offerings in Boone County.


Attending Boone County Resource Council Meetings is a great way to stay connected to all of the non-profit events and information in the Boone County area.  Network, communicate and affiliate with local providers and directors of health agencies, social services and senior programs.  Learn about faith-based outreach programs, school-based programs, employment assistance, housing, insurance, daycare, emergency preparedness, commodities, utilities, etc.



  • A way to spread the word about your organization and what it has to offer the community, to learn about other organizations as well as how those organizations can help you or your clients/customers.


  • Great guest speakers that can help your organization better serve your clients/customers.


  • Provides a FREE comprehensive community-wide resource guide as well as a one page guide for you to give to your clients/customers.

  • ​Quarterly meetings every September, December, March and June (reserved for free agency training) are hosted at various locations. Watch our Facebook page for more information.


There is no membership fee and anyone is welcome to attend.

General Information Facebook Page: Click Here

Provider/Agency Facebook Group: Click Here

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